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on being perceived 

 How do you choose which version of yourself to present to the world each day? In this project, I take a closer look at what makes up an identity. Everyone has their own intersectional identities that make up who they are, and each identity means a different thing to each person. I explore this through peeling off clothing like layers of an onion in a public place and layering them together to emphasize that one person can have so many variations. It is overwhelming to think of all of the possibilities of who you can be. But sometimes the opposite happens, and you can’t be anything at all. Not knowing who  you are, having no sense of self. What does it mean to have an identity crisis, and what would happen if you truly lost a sense of yourself?


I chose to include 2 large prints and 12 small prints in my installation to give a sense of time and clothing progression, as well as chaos. I also included the mask being worn in the collaged image to make it a reality for the viewer, as it was not just photoshopped over the face. 

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