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Documenting the World

My long-form documentary projects, including photo essays and occasionally written pieces. 

My final thesis project was the culmination of my interdisciplinary major in college. Creating my own major, which was a combination of Art, Sociology, and Hispanic Studies allowed me to take charge of my education and focus on the most important areas in each field of study. This project focuses on single parenting in both American and Chilean families featuring a photo exhibit, a 52-page zine, and a 32-page Spanish essay.

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While traveling to England to participate in the Refugee Tales walk, I worked with Professor Robert Knight and another Hamilton student to continue filming his long-form art documentary about indefinite detention in the UK.


In a study conducted during my time in New York City, I explored the connection between fashion, wealth, and body image while interning at the secondhand designer store Dora Maar.


In attempt to explore the feelings surrounding being alone in one of the biggest cities in the world, I went to various parks in New York City to photograph and briefly interview people who were sitting alone. Why do people sit alone on benches in a highly populated park? Are the meditating, waiting, on a break, or do they live there?


In the wake of the newly (2021) instated abortion laws in Texas that restrict women in a multitude of ways, I photographed a protest that occurred in Washington Square Park. This protest was "accidentally" met by counter protestors, and led to a very chaotic environment- which some residence were unfazed by.


Protests around Rockland County, following the death of George Floyd amidst the pandemic

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